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Chair – Alexa Farley

Vice Chair – Sandra Speers

Treasurer –Joan MacMillan

Secretary – Natalie West


Bogdan Petrov

Katie Heffernan

Susan Gignac

Mellissa Marchand

Rebecca Dupuis



Board of Directors, Ontario Early Years Centre – Simcoe North

The Board of Directors of the Ontario Early Years Centre – Simcoe North
is a legal entity authorized by the membership of the corporation and held
accountable for the overall performance of the organization.

Board members hold a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the organization
and hold a position of stewardship or “public trust”.

The key functions of the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Overall Direction:
    Establish the mission, values and overall direction of the organization.
  • Policy Development:
    Ensure the formulation and implementation of policy to guide the actions of the
  • Oversight and Monitoring:
    Provide oversight by monitoring legal compliance, financial stability and
    viability, quality and performance as well as managing risk.
  • Performance Management:
    Ensure the health of the organization through the performance management of the
    board and the Executive Director.
  •  Awareness and advocacy:
    Promote the needs of the people served by the organization and confirm the identity of the
    organization in the community.

 Responsibilities of individual Board members:

  • Attend Board meetings on a regular basis. Notify the Chair if unable to attend.
  • Be aware of the business to be discussed by reviewing agendas and distributed
    materials in advance of each meeting.
  • Respect and listen to the opinions of other Board members.
  • Prticipate in discussions on a consistent basis.
  • Participate actively to achieve the desired initiatives or commitments of the Board.
  • Respect the role and function of the governance structure as a vehicle of accomplishing
  • Abide by and support the decisions of the Board. In instances where a Board member strongly
    opposes to the decisions of the Board, the Board member may wish to formally
    record her/his opposition in the minutes of the Board meeting.
  • Complete any tasks or assignments she/he accepts at Board meetings or from the Chair on
    behalf of the Board.
  • Inform the board and/or Executive Director of any issues or public comments of which a
    Board member is aware that might have an adverse affect on the organization.
  • Maintain confidentiality as warranted and as defined by the Board.
  • Participate in the development of the organization’s Strategic Plan.
  • Discuss and prepare necessary bylaw amendments.
  • Approve appropriate compensation and benefits policies and practices.
  • Determine and approve the eligibility of candidates for the nomination of Officers and
    Directors as submitted by the Nominating Chair.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting of the organization.
  • Participate in reviews of the performance of the Board of Directors.
  • Support of, and as appropriate participation in, the organization’s fundraising events
    and activities.
  • Participate in ongoing Board development activities.
  • Provide ongoing support for the Executive Director in her/his role as she/he makes
    decisions on behalf of the organization.


For information on becoming a Member of the Ontario Early Years Centre – Simcoe North Board of Directors please contact:

Christine VanderByl, Executive Director, at 705 526-2456





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